Monday, April 20, 2009

Reasoning Test

Select the pair which have same relation as given in question
Q-1 Steering: Drive
(a) Wine: Grapes (b) Pen: Write
(c) Scale: Length (d) None
Q-2 Auger: Bore
(a) Shield: Guard (b) Balance: Mass
(c) Lawyer: Court (d) None
Q-3 Tailor: Clothes
(a) Engineer: Site (b) Producer: Film
(c) Violinist: Guitar (d) None
Q-4 Pedology: Soil
(a) Farmer: Soil (b) Soldier: Gun
(c) Histology: Tissue (d) None
Q-5 Botany: Plants
(a) Mycology: Fungi (b) Doctor: Stethoscope
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-6 Action: Stage
(a) Force: Newton (b) Grocer: Shop
(c) Area: Hectare (d) None
Q-7 Man: Child
(a) Sheep: Lamb (b) Cat: Kitten
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-8 Pressure: Pascal
(a) Energy: Joule (b) Oil: Seed
(c) Book: Paper (d) None
Q-9 Sack: Jute
(a) Book: Paper (b) Current: Ampere
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-10 Crime: Sin
(a) Ban: Prohibition (b) Quarrel: War
(c) Sink: Float (d) None
Q-11 Affirm: Deny
(a) Mourn: Rejoice (b) Crime: Sin
(c) Drone: Bee (d) None
Q-12 Abduct: Kidnap
(a) Presume: Assume (b) Chaos: Peace
(c) Sink: Float (d) None
Q-13 India: Delhi
(a) China: Beijing (b) Pakistan: Peshawar
(c) Bhutan: Srilanka (d) None
Q-14 Kindle: Burn
(a) Unhappy: Sad (b) Tiger: Lion
(c) Solicit: Regiment (d) None
Q-15 Create: Destory
(a) Cruel: Kind (b) Tortorise: Turtles
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-16 Wine: Grapes
(a) Sack: Jute (b) Oar: Row
(c) Force: Newton (d) None
Q-17 Teacher: School
(a) Gun: Shot (b) Mattock: Dig
(c) Servant: House (d) None
Q-18 Violinisit: Bow
(a) Painter: Brush (b) Spoon: Feed
(c) Artist: Theater (d) None
Q-19 Lawyer: Court
(a) Engineer: Site (b) Sack: Jute
(c) Wine: Grapes (d) None
Q-20 Warrior: Battlefield
(a) Umpire: Pitch (b) Judge: Justice
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-21 Power: Watt
(a) Work: Joule (b) Hen: Chicken
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-22 Insect: Larva
(a) Horse: Pony (b) Clerk: Office
(c) Spade: Dig (d) None
Q-23 Spade: Dig
(a) Pen: Write (b) Author: Book
(c) A&B (d) None
Q-24 Craniology: Skull
(a) Surgeon: Scalpel (b) Solider: Gun
(c) A&B (d) Semantic: Language
Q-25 Lion: Cub
(a)Cat: Kitten (b) Shoe: Leather
(c) A&B (d) None

1 (b) Pen: Write
2 (a) Shield: Guard
3 (b) Producer: Film
4 (c) Histology: Tissue
5 (a) Mycology: Fungi
6 (b) Grocer: Shop
7 (a) Sheep: Lamb
8 (a) Energy: Joule
9 (a) Book: Paper
10 (b) Quarrel: war
11 (a) Mourn: Rejoice
12 (a) Presume: Assume
13 (a) China: Beijing
14 (a) Unhappy: Sad
15 (a) Cruel: Kind
16 (a) Sack: Jute
17 (c) Servant: House
18 (a) Painter: Brush
19 (a) Engineer: Site
20 (a) Umpire: Pitch
21 (a) Work: Joule
22 (a) Horse: Pony
23 (a) Pen: Write
24 (d) Semantic: Language
25 (a)Cat: Kitten

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reasoning Test

Arithmatic Comprehension
Read the following condition & give the answer?
(A) There were three row in a classroom containg three chairs
in each row i.e there are total of 9 chairs in a room.
On these chair we have to sit 9 children. out of 9 children
3 are girls & 6 are boys. Three girls are Gita, Rani & Sita &
& six boys are Aman ,Sam, Sen, Gill, Saini, Singh.
Aman is in 1st row & two position above Gill.
Gita’s Position is between Aman & Rani. Singh sit in last
row. In last row Saini sit between Gill & Singh. All three girls
are in 1st & 2nd row. Sam is in second row. Sen lies end of second
Q-1 Who is in 1st position of 1st row stating form left?
(a) Aman (b) Gita (c) Rani (d) None
Q-2 Sita lies between------?
(a) Aman & Gill (b) Sam & Saini (c) Gill & Saini (d) None
Q-3 Gita lies between-------?
(a) Aman & Raj (b) Aman & Rani (c) A& B (d) None
Q-4 Write no. of Girls in 1st row?
(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4
Q-5 How many girls are there in 2nd row?
(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 1 (d) 9
Q-6 If Gill & Singh inter change their position then who is lies between
Singh & Gill ?
(a) Saini (b) Gita (c) Sita (d) None
Q-7 How many girls are there in 1st column ?
(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4
Q-8 Which person lies at that place where both diagonally intersect
i.e at the point of intersection of diagonal ?
(a) Saini (b) Sam (c) Sanjay (d) None
Q-9 Which is only girl in second now?
(a) Gita (b) Sita (c) Kaya (d) None
Q-10 How many girls are there in third row?
(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 0 (d) 8

(B) A, B, C, D, E, F, G eight persons residing in L shaped
building . G lies in right end of horizontal building . A lies at top
Vertical column building . D is that point where horizontal &
Vertical block meet. F is third from left end in bottom
row B is third from bottom .

Q-11 Which lies between B & D?
(a) C (b) A (c) E (d) F
Q-12 What is position of C from bottom end?
(a) 1st (b) 2nd (c) 3rd (d) None
Q-13 What is position of D from bottom end?
(a) 1st (b) 2nd (c) 3rd (d) None
Q-14 What is position of E in bottom row from left end?
(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5
Q-15 What is position of E in bottom row from right end?
(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5
Q-16 E lies between-------?
(a) D&H (b) D&F (c) E&G (d) None
Q-17 In vertical position, what is place of C from top?
(a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 2 (d) 1
Q-18 D lies between -----------
(a) C&H (b) C&E (c) C&B (d) None
Q-19 If we interchange E&G, than who will be at right end in bottom
row ?
(a) C (b) E (c) D (d) None
Q-20 Who are at extreme corner of building?
(a) A&C (b) A&G (c) A&D (d) None
Q-21 D resides between?
(a) C&D (b) C&E (c) E&F (d) None
Q-22 If E&D interchange position in bottom row then what is position
Of E from left end ?
(a) 1st (b) 2nd (c) 3rd (d) None
Q-23 If B&D interchange position, than what is position of
D from top?
(a) 2nd (b) 1st (c) 3rd (d) None
Q-24 If D&F interchange position, then what will be position of D
from top ?
(a) 2nd (b) 1st (c) 3rd (d) None
Q-25 How many persons are there in vertical block?
(a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 6 (d) 3

ANSWERS ( With Reasons ):-
1 (a) Aman
2 (a) Aman& Gill
3 (b) Aman & Rani
4 (b) 2
5 (c) 1
6 (a) Saini
7 (a) 1
8 (b) Sam
9 (b) Sita
10 (c) 0

11 (c) c
12 (b) 2nd
13 (a) 1st
14 (a) 2
15 (b) 3
16 (b) D&F
17 (a) 3
18 (b) C&E
19 (b) E
20 (b) A&G
21 (b) C&E
22 (c) 1st
23 (a) 2nd
24 (b) 1st
25 (a) 4